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Attention all Tactical Athletes, First Responders and those who would like to train like those professionals, prepare to elevate your performance to new heights with DOMEX Strength and Fitness, LLC.  Our vision is clear: to equip you with the physical and mental toughness required for optimal performance and career longevity. With unwavering dedication and real world 1st hand experience for over 27 years as a first responder, our methods will stand as your steadfast ally on the path to becoming the elite professionals our nation depends on. DOMEX Strength and Fitness, LLC: Where strength and conditioning joins exercise science through strategy, and tactical athleticism meets excellence. Are you ready to conquer your limits and become the best public servant you can be? If so, join us and let’s get it!

God Bless all Tactical Athletes, First Responders and those viewing the DOMEX Strength and Fitness website.

Training programs for the Tactical Athlete

Domez strength and fitness

3-Month DEA Physical Task Assessment(PTA) Preparation Program

Conquer the DEA Physical Task Assessment (PTA) with our DEA PTA Prep Program which is your strategic ally which is designed to empower you with strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity required.
Domez strength and fitness

Hypertrophy Training for the Tactical Athlete

Improve your physical abilities with a program specifically designed to build muscle, aka- Hypertrophy, which will give you added confidence and improve your command presence during performance of your duties.
Domez strength and fitness

Muscular Endurance Training for the Tactical Athlete

Improve your job performance and build lean muscle mass with a program specifically designed to increase muscular endurance.  Don’t overlook this key and essential quality that will give you the ability to maintain optimal  functional fitness and sustained performance.
Domez strength and fitness

Strength and Power Training for the Tactical Athlete

If you are looking for more strength and explosive power during the performance of your job or in life, then this program has the specific exercises and the correct program design which will promote the body’s adaptations to these desired qualities.
Domez strength and fitness

3-Month Strength and Power

In order for the men and women that are serving in today’s law enforcement profession to perform optimally in their assigned duties, they have to prepare themselves as “Tactical Athletes,” and a sound program design based upon muscular endurance is paramount.


DEA (PTA) & Hypertrophy Study Group

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Currently employed as Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent, I had the fortunate chance to work with Dan for several years. Throughout my life, I had grown up under the premise of lifting weights with the science of lifting heavy, lift a lot and subsequently I learned that things change depending on age and activities. Aside from my current position as a Special Agent and formerly as a SWAT Team operator with a previous Federal Agency, I was comfortable with my previous knowledge of exercise. However, working with Dan had opened me up to new ideas of thinking and new workouts which included the functional strength training that is heavily needed in law enforcement. In retrospect, and pursuant to learning from Dan, I wished I had that educated scientific knowledge of exercise science earlier in my career. Due to the normal daily duties of sitting in a car for extended periods of time on patrol or surveillance, or sitting at a desk the other times, I’ve learned that functional strength training for our tactical readiness is paramount. Anytime I’ve had a question or needed a change in my workouts, to nutritional and strength and conditioning questions for my son playing college baseball, Dan has always eagerly provided us with the answers. Dan has always provided the scientific backed evidence to corroborate the information that he has given to us. He passionately loves educating and coaching strength and conditioning to tactical athletes and furthermore, he is extremely devoted to the law enforcement community because he personally knows the requirements which produces targeted results based upon his several years as a tactical athlete himself.


Shea, Drug Enforcement   Administration Special Agent



I had worked with Coach Dan from July 2022 to August 2023 while I was training for the US Army’s Special Forces.  Assessment and Selection or SFAS. I had two tasks before me which were to increase my run and ruck march speed, as well as to build my strength (specifically my upper back, grip, and feet). I asked Coach Dan to help me with these objectives. To these ends, my physical training with Coach Dan was a success. Both my run and ruck times, as well as my upper strength, including my back, grip, and foot strength improved much to meet SFAS standards. Additionally, I remained healthy with little pain throughout this training process. Many times, due to the intensity of my training, I had approached injury. Training by my own design without Coach Dan, I would have run myself into the ground. Coach Dan was able to alter my workouts on the spot with no advanced notice so that I stayed healthy and conditioned. Other times, he identified problems I was not aware of and then helped me to fix those problems. With Coach Dan, I stayed limber, increased my agility, and had become faster and more conditioned. However, I did not become a show pony as I became durable and can do whatever I had needed to do with confidence. I am a better man for having trained with Coach Dan, as I am more capable of dealing with life’s challenges, for the physical training and knowledge he shared with me. He is true to his word of training tactical athletes. Coach Dan provides a comprehensive physical fitness expertise that augments the working man’s life.


Ryan, United States Army

Jason K.


 I was personally trained by Coach Dan from FEB-AUG2023 in my train up for US Army Ranger School. Coach Dan worked with me outside of normal hours, and went out of his way to ensure I received the training that I needed. My biggest fear going in was ankle, knee, and lower back injuries from extenuating rucking conditions under heavy load. Coach Dan adapted and tailored my training to a tactical level with agility drills covering various plains of motion in boots and on uneven terrain. He simulated the conditions and scenarios I experienced in Ranger School and prepared me well. After all the joint and stability training, I had some close calls while at the course but never any issues which I attribute to the training I received from Coach Dan prior to my attendance. I completed RAP Week and all three phases with no muscular or skeletal injuries thanks to the careful attention and care provided to me by him. If I could do it again, I most certainly would and would encourage others to attempt any program with him while seeking to become a better tactical athlete.

 Jason K. United States Army



I have just completed the 3-Month DEA Physical Task Assessment (PTA) Preparation Program. I cannot say enough good things about the program and Dan Borowick. The training program was comprehensive, structured specifically for the DEA PTA, and forced me to push myself. I started the program failing the PTA, while I hoped to improve in all areas, I knew I needed to specifically focus on the mile and a half run. After just 8 weeks into the program, I dropped a minute and a half on my mile and a halfon average and upon completion, I had improved my total time by two minutes. Additionally, every exercise in this program is designed to have a direct impact in one of the PTA categories, specifically endurance. While I was an athlete my entire life, I primarily focused on weight lifting in the gym. This program has opened my eyes to the importance of conditioning and body weight exercises which are critical to the PT Test. I have seen an improvement in my overall strength and an increase in my endurance. Dan helped me along the whole way, answering any questions I had and checking in on my progress. With his real world first-hand experience, tactical knowledge and extensive understanding of physical fitness, I had no doubt in Dan and plan to continue to learn all I can from him and Domex Strength and Fitness. Tactical training goes beyond the job and translates to everyday life, being physically fit and prepared is a necessary life skill and the programs offered by Domex are a great way to get there!

A.A. – Aspiring Federal Agent